Enviro Bio Cleaner, Inc. - headquartered in Fairfield, CA - offers an extensive network of carefully selected, dedicated distributors. Our authorized distributors can provide you with our EBC products and advice locally in your region of the world with uses and application methods. Click on the EBC Distributor Map below

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Order EBC from your local Sherwin-Williams Paint store (U.S. & Canada only)

Enviro Bio Cleaner, Inc is a supply vendor for Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores both in the U.S. and Canada. If you wish to order our EBC Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser or our EBC Restorer Restoration product, please use the information here when speaking with a Sherwin-Williams store manager. By doing so will help the ordering process run smoothly. Please give them our Sherwin Williams vendor number, which is #0030087261 as a reference for the store to look up our account in their system. Our Product/Sales #’s are also provided for your convenience. You can also have each individual store contact us directly to get your order started at sales@envirobiocleaner.com

Minimum order for Sherwin-Willams is either 1 five gal pail of EBC Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser or one 4 – 1 gallon case of EBC Multipurpose Cleaner & Degrease.  Same quantities apply for EBC Restorer.

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Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Vendor # 0030087261

Product/Sales # for 1 gal 1007-24640
Product/Sales # for 5 gal 1007-24632
Product/Sales # for 55 gal drum kit 1007-24624

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Restorer Restoration Cleaner

Vendor # 0030087261

Product/Sales # for 1 gal 1018-71366
Product/Sales # for 5 gal 1018-71382

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